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Building my website

One of my first blog post has to be about the technology behind of this new website.

As you can see in the footer of the website, it's running .NET Core 3.1.0 (ASP.NET Core) which means I can run the application on Linux, Windows or Mac, in this case my website is hosted using an Azure App Service on Linux (Ubuntu 18) connected to a SQL Azure Database and using the Piranha CMS, which by the way is a great CMS, highly recommended for those of you who want to start a new website or migrate from your current environment.

The Azure subscription I'm using is provided by my Visual Studio Subscription, regarding the services running, I have configured the Azure DNS with all the records required by Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory and the App Service (Web App). There is a Linux Service Plan supporting the App Service and in order to configure the SSL certificates I'm using the new managed certificate for the www subdomain and Let's Encrypt for the root domain, since the managed certificate doesn't support root domains yet. All the secrets of the application are stored in the Key Vault and there is an Application Insights (Azure Monitor) monitoring the status of the application and I'm using a dashboard as the home page of the Azure portal, as well there are some autoscale rules configured. Last but not least the CMS is connected to a SQL Azure.

Since there are no secrets as part of the application (connection strings, etc) the source code is available in my GitHub account and it's using GitHub Actions to manage the build and release pipeline so whenever there is a new push in a couple of seconds there is a new deployment in the Web App and the website will be updated. 

Here are some references I used to setup and run the website:

Thank you!