As part of my current role as Senior Program Manager in the Azure Maps team, I am the owner and maintainer of the Azure Maps Code Samples, this gallery contains more than 275 code samples.

Check out my open source project called "Sample Delivery Service" it is a simple web application using Azure Maps to extend the functionality with geolocation APIs (embedded maps, routing and address searching).

Check out my open source project called "Thundercloud". A cotton cloud with LED lights controlled remotely with the MXChip Azure IoT Dev Kit by using Azure IoT Hub and an Azure Function.

In my previous role at Microsoft, I had the opportunity to work on a couple of projects that are open source reference applications to learn more about Azure. The first one is Tailwind Traders a factious retail company that modernized their solutions using Azure. The second one is Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock the geek version of the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game running on Azure. Explore these projects on GitHub: